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Random Acts of Programming Kindness


To you people who share how you did some little bit of this or that in AngularJS, MVC.Net, or some other technology, I have one thing to say: Thank You.

Do I Really Need to Understand All That?


My computer has a power supply, without which it would not function. I don’t understand its inner workings, but I know what it's responsible for and how to plug it in. Is that enough?

How Hard Can it be to Pass an Integer?


Sending a variable to a Web API turned out much trickier than expected. If the stars align, it can go direct via Request URI or POST body, but if you want a sure thing, gift wrap it in an object.

Bringing Up IRIS


From zero to fully-functioning web application in 3 weeks, user authentication, role management, file upload, and pretty front end included.

Forward March! Well Mostly Forward...


After a week spent working relentlessly on my ticket tracker assignment, I've made a lot of progress, despite a few trips down the garden path

Persistence is a Key Field


If at first (or second or third) you don't succeed, comment it all out (just in case you decide it wasn't so bad after all) and write it over - a.ka. if the front door doesn't work, try the back.

Click, Click….Shazam!


It’s the end of Coder Foundry Master Class week 3, and I’m beginning to appreciate what you can accomplish with just a few clicks in Visual Studio

Welcome To Boot Camp!


Updating my tech skills one distance learning course at a time was too slow, so here I am at Coder Foundry’s boot camp. The first two weeks have been a lot like drinking from a fire hose.